I’ve been a customer of Reiss for many years now. I’d actually go as far as saying their my favourite brand, although I try and mix it up to save embarrassment walking into their stores like a crazy groupie! (For the record, if the bosses read this, the staff at your Chester store are awesome).

One of the reasons I keep going back is their soft selling approach and regular lifestyle branding.

Interaction with Reiss across any channel; social, content or email is research driven and never pushy.

It was this tweet below that motivated me to put this post together:


When you go to the post (link up), you’ll find top quality lifestyle shots and suggestions that help fill a need. In this case, “Rules For a Summer Wedding”.


What can other etailers learn from this?

To get to this point, I’d imagine there’s a strategy in place. This strategy will be centred around the human who shops, not just a blanket approach.

Using CRM, a marketing calendar and customer insights, a brand can uncut the stages before a purchase. I call this “Research Mode”. Humans research on the Internet, that’s a fact, why not get them to research on your site.

For brands I work on, we try and house such content in the form of a “digital magazine” and it should be designed around content, email and social.

When you integrate insights, content, social and email you get a pretty amazing marketing strategy centred around human behaviour.

When I read a piece of content such as the piece on summer wedding attire, I then become inspired and more importantly, confident in my purchase. Reiss have moved me along the purchase funnel.

The customer then completes their research (If Reiss have this totally nailed, I’ll see this a few items on bloggers, be re-targeted and get an email!) perhaps on a few more sites, bloggers, etc and moves into, “buying mode”.

Being visible across most channels such as social, Google shopping, email, display, retargeting, affiliates, etc ensures that the hard work that goes into the soft sell takes the cash at the buying phase.

One thing to note, and linked to my previous post on Buying Buttons, people mostly now leave social and email on a mobile device (excludes tablet). Not optimising the journey will mean bounces from your awesome content. Using a tool like MetricsMate, it can tell you if there’s an opportunity in your traffic via mobile.

What’s your best piece of “research mode” content? Share it with me in the comments below or via Twitter on @DClutt