Seeing that 10% warning is a killer whilst away. Worst still, it stops you using your MetricsMate and tracking your business performance. No ecommerce entrepreneur wants to lose transparency of their business so here’s four top tips to save battery on your iPhone.

1. Close unnecessary apps.

It’s crazy how many people still don’t no this exists or that it smashes in your battery! To close apps, double tap your iPhone’s home button and swipe up. Assuming that you’ve never done this before, it could take you a while! If you have a kid, give it them and tell its a game!!

2. Brightness

According to Life Hacker changing brightness could save you up to 3 hours extra! Obviously dependant on what else you’re doing.

To do this on later versions of iOS, swipe up from the bottom of your screen and adjust.

Note: You may need to remove those aviators to view your screen. 😎

3. Turn off Bluetooth

Nobody needs Bluetooth on holiday right? Unless you’re travelling in your brand new Bentley (I don’t have one but will one day!) or annoying your fellow entrepreneurs by the pool by hooking up some Bluetooth speakers!

As with the brightness, swipe up and turn that drainer off.

4. Turn off apps that drain in the background

Did you know that you can now check on battery draining apps in your settings? Visit Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage to spot those drainers.

If you’re a fitness freak like me, keeping apps that track steps or monitor movement in any way are big drainers. When you’ve got your feet up hitting some rays, how many steps do you track anyhows?!

Got any hacks you recommend? Drop me a note via my Twitter @DClutt or comment below.